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This theatre stuff has been a part of my life since 1980.

It started as the simple desire to be on a stage. Imagine my horror, then, when I discovered that acting was an art form, a thing that couldn't just be carelessly picked up then discarded. It was something that required constant nurturing, a thing that- once awakened- pulsed with life, not based on imitation or deceit but rather the reality of doing.

People do 'real' things every day. Why is it that some actors feel that it is enough to simply copy, imitate or mimic that reality instead of truly connecting to the reality of the moment? Good actors imagine, take risks, concentrate and empathize until their performance - their reality- is a heightened and living thing.

Much has been said about actors, their craft and their techniques. Clever actors drink most from the fount that suits them and less from the fount that doesn't and clever teachers supply only from the richest sources.

For me, the cleverest actors are those that luxuriate in Stanislavsky's rich source- his method.